Omilla Bio-Defender Air Purifier

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Here comes with the magic weapon for Allergic rhinitis. 
It improved in just a week
?Negative Ion?+?UVC Candle Light?
After 1 year of experimentation, research, experimentation, killing, releasing small negative ions of toxins, 10 million small negative ions in seconds, specifically targeting the floating bacteria living in the middle of the air to attack the body Danger! # 2x lower infection rate
?O3 Phytoncide?
Finally solved the nasal congestion ability for many years !! Up to 48 help targets white staphylococcus it makes the cells unable to regenerate and self-death!24-hour kept cleaning up the pollution and provide us fresh air to breath in.
* Can Put inside your car too!!  
* 100Sqft, 1.3kg
* Battery 10Mah (Around 8 Hours), 3.7V (Type-C)
* UV : 270nm