GDPoints The First
Loyalty Program for 4D Game!

GDPoints Loyalty Programme was established in October 2018 and is owned and operated by Grand Dragon Lottery (or better known as GDLotto at www.gdlotto.com). As the loyalty programme for GDLotto, GDPoints enables its members to enjoy the highest rebate & rewards ever in the 4D industry across the South East Asia.

We are the FIRST & ONLY one to provide 4D loyalty program in 4D industry, and of course the MOST committed in rewarding our customers!

Our Rewards!

We understand our members, so we only giving what exactly our members wish to redeem! From our survey, mobile prepaid top-up, utilities bills and Jusco voucher are the top 3 most rated in our community, so let's GDPoints do it for you!

How to Join?

Your Privacy is our top priority! We make everything simply, but maintain the highest privacy to our members! We don’t need your IC & your name, and just give me mobile number to receive SMS (any number with whoever registration, and we don’t care).

Simple, the mobile number is your account number, and receive SMS for verification!